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Easter Elf

Written by: Rochelle Groskreutz
Illustrated by: Leah DiPasquale
© 2019 KWiL Publishing

Easter Elf Spring training is off to a strong start, until in crashes Christmas Elf on a sleigh drawn by inexperienced reindeer-in-training. Christmas Elf promptly joins the Spring Training fun, hopping higher, weaving better baskets, and shredding significantly more grass than Easter Elf. Will Christmas Elf keep ALL the glory, or is there something Easter Elf is better at after all, including the chance to help a friend?


Patsy Bea

Written by: Ashley Lokey
Illustrated by: Leah DiPasquale
© 2017 Harrington & Harrington Press

Meet Patsy Bea, who lives at the circus with her family. It's opening night under the big top, and she believes that tonight she might be the star of the show. After dressing in the fanciest costume she can find, Patsy Bea sets out to be a star. But when things don't turn out the way Patsy Bea planned she wonders if her dreams of becoming a star will ever come true? Patsy Bea is a heartwarming story that shows how dreams can come true in unexpected ways.


Even Lions Wear Pajamas

Written by: Natalie Malafronte
Illustrated by: Leah Danz DiPasquale
© 2017 Zamponi Press

''Sweet dreams until tomorrow when night becomes the day. And once again, my little love, the animals will come to play.''

Journey into the wild with some adorable animals as they prepare for bedtime in this sweet and timeless tale.

Magazine Illustration

LuLu's Laundry

BabyBug Magazine | February 2018

Written by: Lura Sanborn
Illustrated by: Leah Danz
© 2018 Cricket Media Inc.

Mountain Climbing

BabyBug Magazine | January 2017

Written by: Cindy Breedlove
Illustrated by: Leah Danz
© 2017 Cricket Media Inc.

I Put It On Myself

BabyBug Magazine | September 2016

Written by: Christine Early Mortlock
Illustrated by: Leah Danz
© 2016 Cricket Media Inc.



©2019 Leah DiPasquale. All Rights Reserved.
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